RetroFilter Retrofit Your Pump

The RetroFilter brings Sand Protection to your standard Hand Pump. A must have, this cool new technology extends the life of your Dual Action Hand Pump by keeping Sand, Dust and Foreign Debris out of your Pump & Inflatables.

Kite, SUP, Boat or Kayak - Don't pump another thing until you've got yourself a RetroFilter!


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Keep Sand Out!

Keep sand & dirt out

Protect your Hand Pump by filtering the air flowing through the pump and into your inflatables. Sand, Dirt & Debris get sucked in with the air you’re pumping and will break down the inside of the pump and it’s moving parts. This wears out the seals and will finally find its way into the toys you’re inflating. Prolong the life of your pump & your Inflatables!

Easy Pumping

A clean & well maintained pump works smoothly and effortlessly so you won’t have to break a sweat. Why wear yourself out before you even get to the play?

Durable Plastic Design

Made to Resist Rust

Multiple Color Options Coming Soon!
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