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A radically different approach to phone protection, the Wet Case is a COMBINATION waterproof pouch + durable holster. Keep your phone completely dry while maintaining accessibility to the screen while secured in the holster. Need to take a call? The build in headphone jack allows for handsfree operation or simply take the pouch out of the holster while your phone remains waterproof. A secondary connection ensures your phone always remains attached to you whether in or out of its holster.


We designed this case with extreme watersports in mind and built it to withstand the most rigorous activity.




Fun & Safe

Whether for fun or safety - a smartphone enhances your fun on the water.


Track your workout stats using Apps like Strava, Google Fit and Apple Health(Session Time, Speed, Jump Height & GPS Tracking, Calories Burned).


Play music, share it all online OR bring it with you just in case - for an emergency


Play Music, Take Selfies & Post updates of your fun time on social media.


Stay Connected to Friends, Rescue & Real-Time Weather updates!


Headphone Jack
Cash and Card Slots
Dual Layered Protection

A Durable outer shell keeps your phone SAFE!

A Waterproof inner pouch keeps your phone DRY!


Integrated Headphone Jack is Waterproof so you can pair it with headphones(not included) to listen to your favorite tunes.


Credit Card & Cash slots offer safe storage for 2 Cards - ID and Credit Card is a good combination!

Bring your phone in the water!

Quickly secure it to your standard lifejacket and bring your phone along for fun times in the water.


Livestream that cliff jump, take a selfie on the banana boat or simply stay connected if you become separated from your boat and/or banana!

Kayak Friendly

Universal mounting system allows for easy attachment to your kayak.


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Multiple Color Options Available
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